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Wanna Go Green?

In the Tower industry, a new climber is known as “Green Bean”. Seasoned Tower Dawgs have a little bit of fun with the Green Beans, as they learn the industry jargon. “Hey, sweep those antennas!” would think you might need a broom...nope, it means something totally different. So, when the newbie gets a broom, everyone gets a good laugh. It’s all in good fun–tower climbers actually have a tight nit brotherhood.

Know anyone considering the industry? Here's some of the pros we here about this booming industry that has tripled in the last decade:

Many Tower Climber’s say that their career in this industry has given them a sense of freedom. They love the fact that they are not going to a desk job every day–bound to the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 grind. Instead, they get to travel the country seeing new sights and meeting new people every day, sometimes servicing towers in remote locations they would never experience otherwise. 

A Tower Climber’s office is outside, and you can’t beat the office view, which is sometimes 200 or more feet in the air! Staying physically fit is just one of the perks as well.

Being a Tower Dawg is being a part of a brotherhood–a tight-nit band of climbers looking out for each other on the road, and on the tower. A brotherhood that has to be close enough to trust each other with their lives.

Technology is booming and with 5G rolling out across the nation, this industry is not slowing down anytime in the foreseeable future. Climbers can easily bring in 60k with travel peridium, and cellular phone compensation. Some even rack up personally on the hotel perks to use on vacation with their family.

If you’re ready to go green, pick up our “Green Bean” custom illustrated t-shirt and get a laugh on us! Check out the Tower Climber Pages on Facebook and Instagram to get a feel for the culture and adventure that awaits. Employers and hiring agencies post openings all the time.

Good Luck going Green!

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