Wanna Go Green?

In the Tower industry, a new climber is known as “Green Bean”. Seasoned Tower Dawgs have a little bit of fun with the Green Beans, as they learn the industry jargon. “Hey, sweep those antennas!” would think you might need a broom...nope, it means something totally different. So, when the newbie gets a broom, everyone gets a good laugh. It’s all in good fun–tower climbers actually have a tight nit brotherhood. Know anyone considering the industry? Here's some of the pro

I Get Paid$ To Get High

Tower climber’s scale towers to perform inspections and tests, handle repairs and install equipment ranging from antennas, amplifiers, and fiber optic cable to lighting systems. Tower climbers must haul, up and down a tower, all the tools and equipment needed to perform their job. Their work takes place hundreds, and sometimes one thousand feet off the ground! That is why a Tower Climber can say “I get paid$ to get high”. We are doing a t-shirt give-a-way! Go to our Facebook

Tower Climbers Are America

According to a study released by there are over 29,000 workers who routinely work on elevated structures in the United States of America. That is triple the number of climbers since 2006. Our country’s “tower dogs” are a crucial sector of the 4.7 million jobs supported by the wireless industry across the U.S. A Tower climber’s contribution to the success of the economy as we know it today is crucial. They are shaping the America we enjoy today. The work